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My Services

Custom-made designs, whether it be an all-over pattern design for a dress or an illustration for a website. I encourage an open dialogue with my clients without prejudice, with a willingness to grow and improve my craft.

Specialising in repeat work, I offer CAD files suitable for production level and advice on product development with several years experience in the industry.

My connections to the fashion industry, have encouraged me to be trend conscious with a desire to create a more sustainable, positive environment. 


About Me

 I realized I wanted to become a designer when I was fifteen; I decided to cut my brother's woolly jumper sleeves off and style them as leg warmers. It wasn't until I got stuck in a rainstorm and found myself in a pool of felted, thready mess, that I realized that fashion design was probably not my forte.

     But I knew one thing, I could draw and fast forward a few years, I enrolled in Printed Textile Design at Brighton University and met people just like me. I fell in love with folk art, wilderness and animals and my final collection was an ode to Inuit Legends.

     Since then, I've spent many years working with some of the finest creative people all over the world.

I feel very lucky that I love what I do.