Shura & Co.

I am collaborating with the talented and super lovely Shura Castellvi-Kellhofer, she has many years experience in the Creative Services Industry and has set up her own company providing an array of creative resources, including myself! So if you ever need someone with many connections in the industry, she is it!

She assigned me to illustrate one of her logos for her "Illustration" menu! See below!


My Invites

The best thing about being an illustrator and having your own party, is that you get to dabble with what you love on a personal level. I decided to screen print and design my own wedding party invites and I had so much fun doing it! I randomly and amazingly stubbled across a super lovely scottish guy who lives in Oslo, who leant me his screenprinting studio. I was in my element! And David McInnes ( was so helpful and kind...I love it when you meet creatives with similar passions to you, it's super inspiring. Thanks David! Here are some shots from the day and the results...

Kote Magazine Comission

I've been asked to do a little illustration commission for a magazine! This is actually my first "professional" request, and I was very excited to hear the subject matter. It's all about how graveyards have become subjected to changes in modern day living, and how society is interacting more with the spaces through social means. Be it a BBQ or a place to make out, but I'm sure that's been going on for centuries! Anyway, the whole article will be featured in a BEAUTIFUL Norwegian Architecture and Urban Living Magazine coming out soon called Kote Here is one of the pieces I have illustrated for them. 

Working at Home

Sometimes if I am super busy in the office, I have to work from home to get headspace. These past few days I've been exploring painting, which I think I have avoided for the pen, for years! Feels strange, but I had lots of fun doing it. Not thinking of tiny lines and just pure unadulterated colour!

J is for Javan Rhino

I got these new japanese fine liner pens that are extremely fine and I started doing my new animal, which is a very critically endangered Javan Rhino, they are ridiculously textured to draw so it's taken me so long to finish it! This is the black and white original version, but I have coloured it in and put it on my new website! So far it is called so I would love for you to drop by and check it out!


So I was lucky enough to be asked to help design prints for my friend Frode Gronvold's new fantastic fashion line. It's called Fall Winter Spring Summer, or FWSS for short! Go to to check it out, it will be selling all over Scandinavia and I am so proud. The Fall 12 collection is quite raw with organic wooden tones and petrol blues mixed with some animal pattern and some camoflauge. As their first collection, I really love the continuity of the branding and styling mixed with some gorgeous staple pieces. I am super excited about working with them in the future, I feel this really is a brand to be watching out for, but I am biased! ;)

Never Denim, Collection Pollock

A fantastic collaboration with Rodeo Magazine, Bik Bok's Never Denim Spring 12 collection is inspired by Jackson Pollock. We worked with pollock inspired pattern, on denim, on dresses and tees...Rodeo exaggerated this, in this amazing photo shoot with our collection. We are so happy about the outcome!

I is for Iberian Lynx

Since I upgraded to OS Lion. this entry is a little roughly added with no letter and further info about the Iberian Lynx...Apple has made me angry that I have lost all my CS2 Adobe software because of this update! But on a good note, I finished Mr Lynx! "Lynx pardinus, 85-110 cm in length, adapted to cold climate."

Jenny Skavlan

I worked with Jenny Skavlan to develop her pattern idea for a bird print in different scales with a really cool graphic scarf that I am super proud of. It's reminscent of Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu with a quirky vintage palette.