The Daily Grind

So at work I am usually researching fashion shows, being inspired and conjuring up printed textiles for Bik Bok who I work for. But once in a blue moon I get set a project that gets me even more excited since I get to think outside my regular box... Last year for Bik Bok's accessories department Sassymanii; I was asked to design some packaging ideas for candles. For each scent I made a different print and made different packaging concepts adding a little luxurious touch with some metallic foiling details...I am super excited about seeing these in real life!

Printed Ceramics

I have this underlying desire to spread my textile design into homewares, so I have started drawing some ideas for printed ceramics and this idea is one of them. I drew a mirrored repeat and played around with it in illustrator...

...I can imagine them further being printed onto tea cups and other homewares...gets me a little excited! I just have to find some place to actually make them!

Nous allons à Paris

To celebrate my lovely man's birthday, I am treating him to a weekend away in Paris this October! Bon Anniversaire! Here is a link to his website: he is a very multi-talented graphic designer and film maker. With love xoxox

Some Birthday Owls...

I've spent a little bit of the bank holiday doing some drawing and I thought since it was my both my brother's birthdays coming up (Rich and bro-in-law Dave!) I would send them some birthday owls...I think it may have something to do with the amount of Harry Potter I have been watching with Matt... Twit Twooooo!

The Sketchbook Project

So it's been a while, but that's because I have moved to a new continent! Back to Europe and to a more colder climate, Norway! And I love it! I signed up for "The Sketchbook Project" before I left which is an open sketchbook project that allows any one to create their own sketchbook which then goes on tour around different libraries in America. Anyone can take it out or even buy it. My theme is "If you lived here..." and it's based on different living spaces large or small...Here is what I have so far!

My scanner at work is a bit dodgy so apologies for the quality!

A Five Minute Colour Study

So, I got back in touch with my university tutor Leo, and he commented on my blog being slightly lacklustering in it is with my aim of 2010 to bring some more colour in, explore and have fun with it. Here is a five minute color study of a lilac breasted roller bird, inspired by my cousin Jonathan's African photos.


Happy New Year! It's been a while, another year in New York City, here is a little photo from Diane Arbus that really makes me happy that I live here.